This is a list of popular questions you keep asking. Is it the time to give some answers?

You`re a Florida girl, how do you live in NYC? What didn’t you like the most when just had moved?

Palm Coast, Florida is my hometown. I was growing up there and of course, leaving the place was a bit difficult. But first, it was for the years in college, as the campus was located in Pensacola, FL. And then straight to the New York state. For the first year after college I wasn`t living in NYC, but in suburban area, and I found it extremely dreadful to spend 1.5 hours one-way in a bus to get to work. Now it`s just 20 minutes by walk as I live downtown. And also the price for coffee! I still don`t like it to be honest.

You seem to be pretty busy. How does your schedule look like nowadays?

My day starts at 5.30am Mon to Fri. I begin with a morning jog (luckily my place has a gym on the second floor) and some exercise routine. Then some showering and make up. Breakfast on the way, with a nice cup of coffee just around the corner from my office. Working process can be exhausting and lasts up to 7/8pm, of course with the lunch and snack breaks. After there`s some time for myself – my blog, and my side work. I should say, I like when all the days are planned ahead and so you don’t have any surprises.

Why blogging? Wouldn`t it be better to write and publish a book?

Blogging and writing a book are two completely different things. Nowadays I feel the passion for blogging, for giving educational tips, sharing my experience, ideas and inspiration. Maybe in a couple of year I find myself mature enough to write a book. Keep up with me not to miss it.