To tell you the truth, I have never expected myself to be blogging about education. Living all my life in Florida and graduating from UWF with the major in marketing, my main dream and focus had always laid on becoming a part of the Pinnacle Advertising and Marketing Group. Which I did as an intern for half a year during my last semester. The job was a pure dream for the nineteen-year-old me – so shiny, so new, so tempting. Somehow, after half a year I felt like I was up for something bigger than that. It was a weekend in May, I just received my diploma, was about to sign the job contract with Pinnacle for the next year and my rent agreement was overdue. So I just packed and move to New York. There had gone two years of various internships and job-changing around the NYC. Those times gave me an incredible amount of experience and knowledge I hadn’t had in college. Nowadays, I`m a project manager in one of the top companies in NYC. Outside of work I collaborate with some students and help them with their assignments and tasks in marketing. Also, I own a blog where I give tips on how to achieve your dream career and how to reach the goals you want. Here are some of the posts you might find useful for you: Structure of a Dissertation, 8 Resume Tips for College Students Seeking Internships or Jobs, 15 Things That Make College Life Much Easier, Top-3 Tips to Involve Large Student Communities to Promote Your Startup and much more. Wish you to stay focused on your goal and of course good luck! Maybe in a couple of years I`ll be the one on your blog? Your Sarah