Besides obtaining a good education, students also want to make friends, be cool and – because hashtags are really becoming a part of our lives – they also want to have the perfect Instagram page that will bring you as many followers and likes as possible. So, you create an Instagram account, learn about the Instagram features (and possible search the history of Instagram as well, just to make sure you’re all informed) and are ready to conquer the world!

You might soon discover that there are people who are really famous and liked without even trying. Or at least this is what it seems. Because there’s always room for improvement and you want to get as many likes as possible and share interesting writing content, pictures, and ideas, we will offer you the ultimate Instagram hacks every student needs to know.

Read on to find out how to get people to like you, how to be among the most famous Instagram user searches and how to get likes on Instagram from our Instagram tips – popularity and success are guaranteed!

Cool Instagram Names – The Key to Make People Curious

One of the first Instagram features you might want to consider is your name. In order not to change your Instagram name frequently and confuse your followers, you should pay attention to the name that will, somehow, describe the content you post. Whether it’s your personal name, your famous nickname or some of your favorite interests – it should be fun and easy to remember!

You will want people to search for you, so take this matter into account very carefully. Think about the purpose of your Instagram: is it a personal blog where you describe your life in pictures and texts or is it one based on a theme like food or fashion? Choose the elements that describe your page best and avoid using underscores, huge names or many numbers.

Cool Profile Pictures – Curious Followers Guaranteed!

An important part of your Instagram color and theme is also given by your profile picture – which becomes essential especially when your profile is private. Your personal blog should have you as its ‘logo’ and therefore, you should make it interesting and attractive for every potential follower. If you want an awesome Instagram profile picture, you should keep in mind a few things before you save Instagram pictures that will bring you lots of Instagram post notifications:

  • Try not to go with selfies – as Instagram is full and I might say, sick of them. In order to be creative and suggest the theme of your blog, you should go for pictures made with a self-timer or make by someone else.
  • A smile is worth… well, many followers. Everyone wants to be surrounded by positive people who are there to share beautiful things and enjoy living. As a student, you have a lot of interesting and happy moments to share and therefore, your profile picture should emphasize that!
  • Because the profile picture is really small, and people cannot see it in detail, choose a meaningful image that has a nice background and a soft, natural light. It should represent you and be worth more than 1000 words, right?

Cool Instagram Bios – A Small Piece of You that Everybody Will Want to Meet

You can play it cool with a quote or a significant sentence, but what’s more advisable is to add some of your details as well. You don’t need to give any personal information, but you can talk about interests and hobbies you have and could make you famous among people who love the same things as you. Attracting people your own age with the same interests could save you a lot of trouble and keep you from searching: how to block someone on Instagram.

If you’re a dog lover, a foodie or you love art, people will want to follow you in order to see and like your posts – not to mention that you can make lifetime friends only by choosing the right Instagram bio.

Funny Hashtags – Get the Instagram Engagement You Desire

Nothing compares to the right hashtags attached to your posts and in this Instagram world, they cannot really miss. Not only do hashtags connect you with the people who have the same interests as you, but they can also bring the giggles and the likes you’re eager to get if they are funny and smart at the same time.

There are so many hashtags you can use in order to reach large audiences, not to mention that you have the power to create funny hashtags that people will find relatable. Tags such as #school #funny #fun and #student are popular and relatable for everyone, so make sure you choose the ones that are connected to your posts. The opportunities on Instagram are limitless!

Advertising – An Investment in Your Popularity

The answer for how to advertise on Instagram is simple: change your profile to “business” and use they’re promoting tools.

Moreover, once you will gain many followers, you will be able to advertise many products – a win-win service that could make you even more popular. The opportunities are limitless here as well, but since you are still in school, a lot of products related to school and teenagers can be advertised on your page. This can even turn into a small business for you.

What you should keep in mind is not to advertise products that have no connection at all with your content. This will only confuse your followers and maybe they will even be disappointed. Make the advertising service as subtle as possible and make sure it does not interfere with the good quality that made you popular on Instagram.

Equipped with these Instagram hacks, you will succeed in attracting the right audience and make your page famous. With a little creativity and time invested in your posts, you will not even need to use services such as Instagram likes app, auto followers Instagram or writing services such as Rewarded Essays with writers for hire. Be yourself and the rest will follow – literally!